Removal Tips

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of Paul Jackson's Removal service.
  1. If packing your own boxes its a good idea to start packing early, a few weeks before your removal day. This will help in avoiding any last minute rush to get everything ready.
  2. Its also a good time to sort out any unwanted items.
  3. Pack any items that you will not need till after you move.
  4. Label or write on the boxes the contents and destination room at the new property.
  5. Always pack the boxes so they are able to be carried.
  6. Use smaller boxes for packing items such as books,files ,cd's,records.
  7. Use larger boxes for china ,linen,clothing,toys.
  8. Keep a couple of boxes with essential items for when you arrive at your new property. eg. cleaning equipment,kettle ,tea ,coffee,food,cups and a plate,bowl and cutlery for each family member.This will save time looking for and unpacking boxes to find items when you arrive.

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